Table for 7 started at home where I farm...growing food and eating from the farm became a serious passion.  I have worked my way around the industry and also learned many things from growing and foraging. Table for 7 is built on knowledge of the available food in the surrounding area.  Along with a passion for truly cooking from scratch with what we have available. We are foodies and we care about what we are serving to the community. We want you to feel good about your food.

Head chef and owner, Amber Lynne, has a B.S. in Nutrition and has worked as a baker, server, line cook, batch cook, and has also worked in ethnic cooking with a background in cuisines from Spanish speaking countries, French speaking countries, along with a bit of Portuguese, Arabic, Iranian, and Persian. She is also a baker of fine desserts! She leads a team that is excited to serve you the best that the Bemidji area has to offer. Bringing Bemidji back to it's roots and supporting the local food community.