Our Flavor is Local

More than just a bar, UnWined Up North strives to be your go-to spot for good food, drinks and conversation. UnWined Up North is a Minnesota-focused wine bar offering wine, taps, bottles and cans from all over our wonderful state. We pride ourselves on working closely and almost exclusively with Minnesota-based brands, creators and companies. We believe very deeply in community and working together, and that is reflected in everything we do, from our menu to our events. We have something for everyone, and everyone is welcome. Minnesota Nice.


A little familiar,
A little unexpected

Our menu and tastes are varied, so you’re sure to find something that tickles your every taste bud— from our extensive Minnesotan wine list, deliciously curated local taps, to our tasty scratch-made menu items.
We pride ourselves on being flexible and creative all while staying true to our Up North sensibilities and making it accessible! Picky eater? We got you. Gluten-sensitive? We got you. Vegan? We thought of you, too.