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First City & Lakeview Liquor

Shop our wide variety of beer, wine, and spirits stocked daily to provide the best service possible.  

We look forward to serving you at one of our two convenient locations in Bemidji.

City-owned and operated.

Liquor Sales Benefit Our Community 

The profits from the Bemidji Liquor stores are used to reduce property taxes and pay for community projects (parks, streets, library, etc.)  The mission of Bemidji's Municipal Liquor Stores (Lakeview and First City) is to offer the best possible variety of products at a competitive price and to conduct the business of selling alcoholic beverages in a manner that best supports the values of our community.  Please note that no tax dollars are used to support the Liquor Stores. All expenses are paid with Liquor Store revenues and some profits are transferred to the City General Fund.  Bemidji, along with nearly 200 other cities, chose to operate municipal liquor stores. This choice not only allows for greater control over liquor being sold and consumed in the City but also further diversifies the City's revenue sources.